Born in Nicholls Town, Andros, Frank Hanna obtained his school education in the settlement school a few streets down from the modest family home. Before completing school, it took him to Berry Islands. He started as a garden helper in his young years for Sir Francis Francis and worked his way up to being a butler in the Francis estate. He saved up his money and hit the road in 1957. His journey took him to New York where he found employment as a butler in East Hampton, a summer resort for wealthy families.

It was there, that he noticed that the cleaning firms hired in from New York handled specialized jobs and it took a number of different companies to completely prepare a house for the summer arrivals. This is how and when he got the idea to start a firm that would be able to handle everything.

Mr. Hanna started out with $10 in his pocket and a two-seater Fiat car. However, he was determined to make it. The fruit of his hard work and long hours soon paid off and word of his excellent work got around. Bit by bit his business grew and he was able to enlist more employees and add vehicles on by one to his fleet. He faced many challenges, but managed to make a name for himself and establish a loyal and returning customer base, that would book him time and time again, year for year. Frank Hanna was called when it was time to get the house ready for the summer arrival. They would clean and polish the estates from top to bottom and move from house to house.

In 1967, Mr. Hanna decided to return to Nassau, to open a branch right here in his own country. Since then, the Frank Hanna Cleaning Company has been a fixture in the Bahamian business world. In the sixties, there were only 3 cleaning companies. Out of those 3, Frank Hanna Cleaning Company is the only one that is still in business to this day.

Since its opening Frank Hanna Cleaning Company has had the honor of cleaning countless government agencies, private firms, banks, churches, private homes and estates, commercial buildings, commercial shops, medical offices etc. throughout the entire Bahamas. One of the things that contributed to his success was his drive and his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure the job got done to perfection. He was a man who needed to be proud of the work done and did not settle for less. His pride in giving exemplary service and in delivering 100% are important for the survival of the business that employees so many.

Frank Hanna Cleaning Company has faced many ups and downs, has survived a number of trying times and overcome many challenges throughout the 50+ years since its opening.

It was in the sixties, when Frank Hanna managed to start his company in the U.S, in a time where Blacks were still very much segregated and seen as second class people. At a time where Martin Luther King Jr. and African Americans were still fighting and marching for equal rights, he managed to succeed and build an impressive customer base.

It is a company that came to life because a young man had vision combined with drive and a longing to succeed. He pursued his dream and made it happen. It is a company built on sweat, long hours, dedication and hard work; not just by him, but also by many dedicated employees. It is a company built because a young man saw an opportunity and did not take no for an answer. He did not let the many set-backs keep him down.